Mayor Carol Leclerc: Tax dollars staying in the northwest mean...

Northwest BC communities are in support of resource development projects, but in order for our communities to be able to support the services and infrastructure demands and remain vibrant, a portion of the tax dollars from those projects needs to stay in the northwest.

“We’re asking northwest BC residents to contact your local MLA and express how important a revenue sharing agreement is to the future of our communities.”

Hear more from City of Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc, below:

Mayor Darcy Repen - Communities deserve to see revenue returned

Mayor Darcy Repen explains the importance of having revenue from resource projects transferred back to the community of Telkwa.

Without a revenue sharing agreement with the provincial government, it becomes impossible for local governments to maintain infrastructure that sustains communities in the northwest.

Watch Mayor Repen talk about the urgency and what people in the northwest need to know about the RBA:

NDP Government Reaffirms Commitment to Revenue Sharing for Nor...

The Chairs of the Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance (RBA) met last week with new provincial government ministers, MLAs and senior staff to begin discussions regarding revenue sharing for the Northwest.

Watch the video below to hear how the meetings went:

Joey Ocsovai - Our communities are suffering

Local Kitimat business owner Joey Ocsovai talks about the difficulties his community faces due to the loss of vital industry and important resources.

"We did have a huge industry base here, and it's taken a 180 degree turn. Unfortunately, along with it, things have been taken away from us."

Hear more about what's needed in Kitimat to raise the standard of living for its residents:

Denise Collison - From Recreation Facilities to Gravel Lots

Former President of the Masset Eagles Swim Club, Denise Collison, talks about the closing of Haida Gwaii's only pool - leaving no recreation facilities for its children to be active and stay healthy.

Hear more from Denise about the needs of her community in the video below:

Kim Demers - Finding Our Voice

“Northwest B.C. citizens have to stop thinking of entitlement as a dirty word. We have to start raising our voices and force our politicians to be accountable.“

Hear Rose Lake, B.C., citizen Kim Demers speak about the importance of the Northwest B.C. Resource Benefits Alliance and why all citizens across the northwest should get behind and support its goal of achieving revenue sharing for the northwest.

Shared Resources. Stronger Communities.

Northwest B.C. has become a have-not region.

With a limited tax base and a multitude of resource extraction and development projects continuing to progress outside of taxable municipal boundaries, local governments are unable to meet current infrastructure and services needs. The future looks even bleaker.

An historic 21 local governments have come together as one to ensure all their communities receive a meaningful share of the benefits needed to continue to maintain healthy, vibrant and strong communities.

Watch the video below to hear the stories of residents and leaders from Vanderhoof to Masset.

This compilation was first presented at the 2017 North Central Local Government Association conference in Terrace, B.C.

Mayor Phil Germuth - 21 Local Governments Working Together

"18 municipalities and three regional districts - we are all working together to ensure a resource benefits alliance is successful. Never in history have you seen that many municipalities and regional districts together on the exact same page."

Hear Mayor Phil Germuth, RBA Vice-Chair and Chair of the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, speak about the RBA and why it's important to vote for candidates who support a revenue sharing agreement with the province.

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Brad Junkin - The Northwest Needs Resource Benefits Sharing

"We inherit the environmental risk, and the resources are being pulled from the North, but we're seeing none of the benefits to assist us in keeping our youth here with jobs and infrastructure maintenance. We see it as unfair."

Hear Telkwa B.C. resident Brad Junkin speak about the need for resource benefits sharing for the Northwest.

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Mayor Lee Brain - Resource Benefits Sharing for Northwest BC C...

The RBA is about sharing resources to build stronger communities across Northwest BC.

Hear how a revenue sharing agreement will provide greater opportunities and greatly needed support to all communities across the NW from the City of Prince Rupert's Mayor Lee Brain:

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