Premier Horgan Continues to Support Revenue Sharing in Northwest BC

Province Continues to Support Revenue Sharing with Northwest BC

During the Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM) convention in September of 2019, Premier John Horgan spoke about the provincial government’s continued commitment to negotiating a revenue sharing agreement.

“We need to get an agreement in place that will stand the test of time… …that means when a government changes we will be ensuring that resources that are created in a community, to the best of our ability, stay in that community – so that everyone benefits from that work, not just a few.”

Premier Horgan’s ongoing public support for the work being done by the RBA shows the provincial government’s understanding of the issues faced by Northwest BC communities, and a willingness to engage with the RBA to reach a revenue sharing agreement.

Watch Premier Horgan’s address to the RBA at UBCM 2019 by clicking the video below:

For more media coverage, check out this article published by the Terrace Standard.


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